Rules for dating

18 06 2013

By Mixed Chicks!!! something to ponder on… Does he really mean rule #10?


Uncommon valor

17 06 2013

“Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz as he characterized the Marines at Iwo Jima.

Supporting neither side of the justification for war argument, I will suffice to say, I support wholeheartedly the men and women fighting the nations wars. With that said, this statement of Fleet Admiral Nimitz, aptly describe the men and women in uniform today. The 10, 11, 12 years war has taken a lot from those who fought in it and those who live in it. Some paid part of themselves, others paid all. Yet, everyday many a young man/woman raise up their hand to affirm a defense of the nation’s constitution. So, to those who serve, have served and will serve, I say your uncommon valor is a demonstration of the virtue that is commonly found within your hearts. Thank you for your service.

wrong sight

12 11 2010

“Everything you think you see is wrong. But that should not change a thing.”

We all see with our individual point of views. That means two people looking at the same object may perceive the object differently. In fact the object may be completely different from what both of the observers impute to it.

For example, two people saw an elongated rope like object dazzling around a corner of a huge trees. They did not see where the object originated from or where it was pointed. One observers thought the object to be a snake, the other thought it to be a woody rope. The object turned out to be completely different, the tail of an elephant.

It is useful therefore to acknowledge difference in our point of view and to accept human errancy.


15 10 2010

“Human beings are the only animal to miss the fact that the ultimate point in life is to enjoy it”

I saw this on an old calender in an obscure place. I couldn’t help but acknowledge the wisdom in this statement. My mind quickly went to the mayfly. The life span of this insect is between 30 minute to  one day, yet it spend most of it doing everything it likes. It enjoy it short life to the brim.

Can you imagine having just one day left of your life, what would you do with it?


14 10 2010

“Warning: In case of a rapture, this car will be unmanned”

A car number plate writing spotted in Irvine, California.

I often wonder and I have asked people if they know where they will go were they to drop dead now. I know talking about death is not a pleasant topic among friends, especially around the dinner table, yet a part of me keep thinking about this topic. So upon seeing that number plate writing, I was fascinated.

Fascinated by the confidence with which the driver of the car believe about his/her heaven boundness. What would you do if you are the person in the car diving behind this car. Should you attempt to give a good enough distance between your car and his, it can be construed as not having the conviction that you will also be caught up in the skies should the rapture happens.

But if you don’t give enough space between the cars and the rapture happens leaving you behind, you could be dead before getting the opportunity to repent.

Think about it!

An African woman

24 03 2010

“When we are born, we know that we will have a hard life” – Aylito Binayo

Aylito Binayo is a woman from Foro, Konso district, Southwestern Ethiopia (National Geographic, vol. 217, no. 4, April 2010).

Women in most African villages spend hours, for those in Binayo’s village, 8 hours of the day fetching water, or something they call water. Yet they do not despair.

In fact about 900 million of the world’s population have not access to clean water (National Geographic, vol. 217, no. 4).

video also see

Damon Dunn

23 03 2010

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”
Quote by Damon Dunn, a candidate for the California secretary of state 2010.

I came across this statement and this man from reading the orange county business journal (March 22-28, 2010). And I couldn’t agree with him more. The politics of “Us against Them” is clearly not serving anybody. No one individual is one thing all the time.

The “Us” need to be changing to embrace the new “Us” instead of lumping them all into the “Them.” There are minorities who are social conservatives, there are some evangelicals who are progressives. The sooner we acknowledge this the better for everyone.